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Anger Management
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Des & Katie are highly experienced in this field, having designed their own package to meet the needs of the individual clients. They have experience of working with aggressive behaviour in a wide range of locations and with people from all walks of life:

Registration Body

Who is it for?

What will happen?


Specialist Areas

One to One Counselling

Drug Day Centre – Adults
Adult Prison
Youth Offenders Institution 15 –18 year olds
Young People’s Project 12 – 25 year olds
Adults with Head Injuries/illnesses
Children in schools

They have adapted and changed their course where appropriate to meet the ages of the people in the groups and the issues around the problem &/or the environment they are working in. Katie & Des also keep up to date with any changes or developments in this field in order to continually revise the work and information to ensure it is up to date.

N.B. Group work is dependent upon there being a suitable number of clients to run the group. When working with such a volatile problem, we have found it is important to have two experienced facilitators for these groups.

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