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The first week is called an assessment, whereby the initial contract is made based on the information that you give to the counsellor and with the client’s agreement. It also helps the counsellor to try to understand the background as the client moves on to tell the counsellor the reasons they feel they need counselling.


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What will happen?


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One to One Counselling

The client does not have to tell the counsellor anything they do not wish/feel comfortable sharing.
Then the counsellor and client will discuss what goals or any benefits the client wants to receive from the counselling sessions and decide how they will set about achieving this. The assessment is really a time of getting to know each other and seeing if the client feels comfortable, although, it is normal to feel some difficulty at first – discussing the situation with a stranger.
At the end of the day the client has a choice – as to whether you are happy to work with the counsellor. If the client feels comfortable with this then future sessions can be arranged.

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