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Who is Counselling for?
Start Again Counselling is for anyone who feels they have an issue, problem or dilemma that they are struggling to sort out on their own. The client needs to be ready to take that step and should never be pressured by a third party to undertake counselling. Some people that come for counselling want to increase their self-awareness whilst others may feel:

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Who is it for?

What will happen?


Specialist Areas

One to One Counselling

  • Do you feel you are burdened?
  • Are you finding life difficult
  • Unable to cope?
  • Is there no light at the end of the tunnel?
  • Or just don’t know which path to take?
  • Cannot see anyway out?
  • Why not share your burden, with a listening ear?

Perhaps, you could do with some help to explore your issues, in order to see things more clearly?

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